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Southeast Asian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology (formerly BISCAST Research Journal) is a peer-refereed journal of original research in applied science and technology and related fields, published annually by the Office of the Research, Extension, Production, and Enterprise Development (REPED) of the Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST), Naga City. It aims primarily as a venue for the publication of empirical and theoretical studies in applied sciences and technology, with emphasis on the instruction, research, extension, and entrepreneurial undertakings through excellent applied science and technology education. It also focuses on disseminating new knowledge on the product, processes, and systems in applied sciences and technology and how these are put into practical use.

The journal seeks to publish the following:

  • Research Articles that report original research work that leads to the understanding and/or improvement of technology resources and applied researches relevant to industrial, commercial, and community needs through various forms of research methods and analytical frameworks of the varied disciplines and also using multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches;
  • Short Research Reports that describe and analyze results of small-scale research such as:
    • preliminary investigations on particular experiences, outcomes, and processes that are of broad interest to science and technology scholars and among academicians in general,
    • integrative and critical reviews of research on a specific topic about applied science and technology,
    • studies that seek to validate theories, principles, constructs, and research instruments to originally developed in other countries in the context of Bicol or local communities,
    • studies that seek to replicate studies in applied science and technology that were originally done in other countries in the context of Bicol or local communities, and
    • participatory action research on the problems and experiences of a specific extension, production, or enterprise development program.


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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2020): BISCAST Research Journal
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BISCAST Research Journal 

Volume 5 Number 1

December 2020

This volume highlights the faculty research output in the following themes – development of instructional material, ICT readiness, teachers’ environmental behavior, applied environmental sciences research, employability study, and teacher practice. Compendium of abstracts on technology and product research and development  (R&D) were also contained in this issue of the BISCAST Research Journal.

  Papers Included

1. Interactive Multimedia Instructional Material in Dressmaking and Tailoring Helen C. Mandasoc-Pedido, Dr. Deanna C. Regnim
2. Beliefs and Factors that Affect Teacher Readiness in Facilitation of ICT in Deped-Naga City Classrooms
Jolina L. Grencio, Kathleen Joy C. Lopez, Annie J. Ortega, Eugene Joseph A. Sy, Dr. Geraldine C. Alvina'
3. Dispositional and Situational Attributes and Extent of Pro-Environmental Behaviors (PEBs) of Public Secondary School Teachers
Engilyn N. Baldoza, Dr. Michael A. Clores
4. Growth Responses of Enhalus Acoroides (L.) Royle (Broad-Leaf Seagrass) to In Situ Light Reduction
Jonalyn F. Altares, Geraldine Marie B. Salvo, Dr. Michael A. Clores 
5. Employability of Asteans Based on the Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT)
Abegail P. Besmonte; Aliway A. Collantes; Antonette G. Juanillas; Venesse G. Paycana, Dr. Geraldine C. Alvina
6. Relevance of BISCAST Education to the New Practicing Teachers Vincent Paul A. Lucio, Rose Ann A. Nares, Mildred M. Ogmar, Christian Robert C. Tuyay and Dr. Geraldine C. Alvina
7. Microcontroller-Based Mobile Phone Charging Station Through Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Bottles Insertion
Caryl Janine S. Doblon, Apple Allyndale L. Menia, Jayfferson B. Merilles, Rodolfo F. Ramos III, Christian Albert D. Huerto, Joseph Vino T. Santiago
8. Automatic Foot Spa Machine Controller
Marian Joy S. Altar, Victorino E. Francisco
9. Pili (Canarium ovatum) Drupe Cheese
Meliza Tipones
Briones, Ma. Rovie A. Chavez (MAT) 
10. Enriched Noodles from Mung Bean (Vigna Radiata) Flour
Veronica Dotillos Farol, Vivian Catherine N. Daria (MAT) 
11. Kinit: Modification of 2 in 1 Shredding Machine Francis V. Aguinillo, Mark Joseph D. Bermas, Denise Nicole A. Cejero, Anzari R. Escober, Carl Joshua S. Flores, Galaxia B. Tumaob
12. Cogon Grass to Paper Machine
V. Bañes, J. Coldes, A.M. Fausto, R. Portuguez, R. Ricafort, P. Valenzuela, Erwin C. Lumaad 
13. Mechanized Tie Wire Cutter
Joselito Aragon Ruadil, Alex B. Bermundo (PhD, PME)
14. Hard-Boiled Quail Egg Peeler Machine
Ladylette DS. Barcebal, Harry P. Chavez, Rosel B. Caceres, Ryan A. Ebarondo, Shaira Esther L. Salva, Mark Joseph R. Vida, Edgardo C. Doroin  
Published: 2021-07-12

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