Vol. 3 No. 1 (2018): BISCAST Research Journal

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Five (5) research and development (R&D) papers and 13 descriptive studies were included in this volume of BISCAST Research Journal. R&D studies on disaster and institutionally-developed technology called climate change resilient housing were among the main themes. On descriptive research, community extension researches of faculty were highlighted.   



Research and Development

1. Disaster Shelter in Naga City: Addressing the Occupants’ Needs During
And After a Typhoon
2. Design and Development of Electronic Feeds Formulator
3. Reengineering the Built-Up Environment of Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology: Sustainable Physical Development
4. Climate Change Resilient Pilot Housing (CCRPH): An Affordable, Typhoon-Flood Resilient, And Green Residence
5. Slab Construction Made Easy

Descriptive Study

1. May Kwento Ang Bawat Kwenta: A Community Extension Program
2. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management at the Local Level: An Assessment
3. Sustainable Eco-Tourism: Creating A Master Development Plan for TDA1
4. Tukdo Ko, Tabang Ko: An Evaluation of A Literacy Tutorial Program
5. Analysis of The Variability of The Performance of Contract Broiler Grower Using Mortality Variables
6. Learning Management System Approach for Emerging Trends in Classroom Management
7. Educational Leaders’ and Faculty Members’ Decision-Making Style: A BISCAST Survey
8. Master Development Plan: Heritage Tourism Map
9. Organizational Factors of Human Resource Records Management System: Inputs to an Enhanced Record Management Programs for Public HEIs
10. Offering Bachelor in Science - Food Technology in BISCAST: A Feasibility Study
11. Effect Determination of Kaaraman Ko, Iwaras Ko: A Community Extension Program
12. Buronyog sa Pag-anduyog: Needs Assessment for Capacity Building and Livelihood Programs for Community Stakeholders
13. Seat Up: Student from Enrolment to Alumni Track Universal Project

Abstract of Students Researches Presented in the 2018 Colloqium

1. Electronic Crop operating Drone (ECODRONE)
2. Automatic Climate Change Resilient Pilot House (ACCRPH) Brick Maker
3. Calamansi Size-Sorting Machine
4. Conversation Analysis: Language Features and Linguistic Pattern of College Education Student of BISCAST
5. The ExEMPLAR in General Chemistry
6. ISIP App (Interactive Simulations in Physics)
7. Kitik: A Study on Eroticism in Bicol Poetry
8. Manipulation Over Exhibit (MOVE): An Instructional Device in Linear Motion for Teaching Physics
9. Multi Occasional Dress
10. Needs Assessment of Out-of-School-Youth: A Basis for School Community Extension Program.
11. Pelikulang Atang Ki Ina: Sociological Analysis of Peñafrancia Short Film Festival Wining Entries
12. Portable Tire Changer
13. Project A.R.G.U.S.: Automated RFID Gateway Universal System
14. SWAVE: An Interactive and Collaborative Android Application

Published: 2021-11-20

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